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Drug Delivery

With expertise in both formulation development and drug delivery, we have a unique approach to adapting drug formulations to new or better delivery methods in a quick, cost-effective manner. The group is actively pursuing formulations involving the new macromolecule delivery platforms, which allow for the vascular absorption of proteins, many of which, until now, had to be injected. This new technology allows for both existing and new molecules to be administered in an alternative, less painful and less expensive way while providing them the potential to be more efficacious and responsive. We have applied formulations to the following delivery methods; metered dose applicators (MDAs™), metered dose inhalers (MDIs), timed release oral tablet, nasal spray, topical cream, and suppository.
The team is currently working independently on drug delivery by Metered Dose Applicator (MDA) a proprietary method that delivers drug through the mucosa of the buccal cavity. Advantages include a more rapid onset and increased bioavailability over nasal and other approaches while avoiding a hepatic first pass. The MDA can either be pressurized or in pump form depending on which method is best suited to the formulation. By delivering some compounds that are normally administered by injection the quality of life will improve for a massive population.
Formulations have been developed and are currently being tested using the MDA device; one is a protein and the other a product for pain relief aimed at cancer sufferers. The team is currently researching other compounds that would be enhanced by such a delivery method.
To analyze wave and particle phenomena from oral and nasal actuators, the team developed a system to photograph the spray using high speed photography.